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Sean Keyes, CEO of Sutcliffe, reacts to general election announcement

“There are three main pillars that impact us as a business: the economy, housing and the NHS – issues that also resonate with voters. In terms of the economy, all businesses desire low inflation, financial stability, global stability and a good, solid economy that is growing steadily. There’s no denying that the economy is currently stronger and more stable than it has been in years. However,we would like to see a more even distribution of government spending in the North.

“The NHS has suffered from poor management, planning and chronic underfunding for quite some time, placing immense stress on its services, even though in the last 20 years we have spent 40% more in real terms on patient care. Society wants more from its NHS and we as a country have to accept that this probably needs additional funding through taxation. From a construction perspective, both parties must invest more in the bricks and mortar of our hospitals and making them fit for the future, because currently more needs to be spent on modernising its infrastructure so our hospitals meet public expectations.

“Lastly, both parties have pledged to build 300,000 houses per year. It’s vital that we hold the incoming government accountable for this promise. This requires secure funding for social housing, and an improved planning process, as typically permissions currently take between 12 months and 2 years instead of the ideal 3 months, causing lengthy delays. In short, we need more housing as a decade of insufficient construction has left the UK over 1 million homes short. This housing shortage directly impacts quality of life, education standards and health standards, which need to be addressed in this upcoming election and indirectly this will ease the pressure of another major political hot potato which is immigration.”