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Secure Your Success: Exclusive 10% Off Cybersecurity Services

DigitalXRAID are delighted to share an exclusive offer with members of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, celebrating our new partnership that aims to enhance the cybersecurity resilience of Liverpool’s vibrant business community.

At DigitalXRAID, we’re recognised across the UK for our commitment to excellence in cybersecurity solutions. With a robust track record that spans nearly a decade, we’re dedicated to shielding businesses from cyber threats through advanced security measures, including Penetration Testing, Phishing Defence, fully managed ISO 27001 certification, and complete 24/7 cyber protection through our CREST accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) service.

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent. In 2023 alone, UK businesses of all sizes witnessed a significant surge in cyber incidents, making cybersecurity protection a critical necessity, rather than a luxury.

In light of these challenges, our partnership with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is more than timely. DigitalXRAID are taking proactive steps towards empowering local businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their digital assets.

We understand the complexities involved in managing business operations while trying to navigate the cybersecurity landscape. Our team of certified experts is committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that cybersecurity is seamlessly integrated into your business strategy without overwhelming you with technical complexities.

To celebrate our new membership and to help fortify the local business community, DigitalXRAID is pleased to share an exclusive 10% welcome discount offer for all Liverpool Chamber of Commerce members on their first cybersecurity service with us. Whether you’re looking to secure your networks, applications and systems, or assess your current security posture to understand your cyber roadmap, we have a range of services to suit your requirements.

We encourage all Liverpool Chamber members to take advantage of this special offer. Investing in cybersecurity is not just a preventive measure; it’s a strategic move towards future proofing your business in the digital age. Let’s work together to keep your operations secure and your data protected, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

For more information and to take advantage of this offer, please contact  who will get you in direct contact with us!

Let DigitalXRAID be your partner in cybersecurity, ensuring that the ‘bad guys’ don’t stand a chance against Liverpool’s thriving business community.