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SEP Insurance expands with new taxi insurance company, Cabbie Barry

SEP Insurance, a leading nationwide broker with local values, has announced the launch of Cabbie Barry, a specialised insurance service tailored specifically for taxi drivers.

The Liverpool-headquartered firm’s new service offering will help drive the company’s growth and expansion plans, and will bring more jobs to the area.

Cabbie Barry has been developed as a response to the increasing demand for comprehensive taxi insurance coverage that caters specifically to taxi drivers across the UK. The new offering aims to provide drivers with peace of mind by providing affordable and reliable insurance, aligned with the company’s ethos of delivering a professional service to customers.

The quirky Cabbie Barry name and character takes inspiration from the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, an animal which is known for its calm and adaptable nature.

Phil Stafford, Managing Director, said,

“We chose a capybara to be the face of our new dedicated taxi insurance division as this animal reflects the qualities that we aim to embrace through Cabbie Barry – reliability, adaptability and hassle-free. Just like the capybara, we are trustworthy, dependable and calm.

“We are thrilled to introduce this dedicated insurance solution for taxi drivers. Our goal is to fill the gap in insurance offerings for this growing sector and ensure that drivers have affordable access to the protection they need while on the road”, he added.

Jamie Coleburn, Head of Sales said,

” Despite being a new offering, Cabbie Barry benefits from over three decades of industry experience that sister firm, SEP Insurance brings to the table. Our team of trusted professionals are dedicated to providing drivers with reliable coverage and exceptional service. Customers can be confident that they’re insured to the levels they require, with the support of a team who have years of experience.”

For more information about Cabby Barry and to explore insurance options, please visit