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Chamber Community Pre- Election Comments

Sean Keyes, Chief Executive of Sutcliffe and Simon Harris, CEO of Avrenim, share their thoughts on the 2024 General Election

Sean Keyes, CEO, Sutcliffe:

“When the general election was announced in May I spoke about the three main topics that impact us as a business: housing, the economy and the NHS. As has been clear over the last six weeks, these issues resonate deeply with voters. The worsening housing crisis needs to be solved promptly, something I promise to hold the next government to account for as both parties have made promises to build more houses. That said, be it the miss-management of the NHS or the lack of investment in social housing, these issues directly impact people’s quality of life and so I hope that the new government, rather than seeing these issues as a political hot potato to pass around aimlessly, takes them seriously and prioritises them for the good of the nation.”

Simon Harris, CEO, Avrenim:

“A Labour victory appears increasingly likely, signalling a seismic shift in the country’s political landscape. Regardless of the election outcome, the next government must prioritise several key issues such as promoting economic growth and developing a coherent plan to reach net zero. Stability is crucial for all businesses, with the economy closely tied to it. Given that the FM sector contributes 3% to GDP, its role in the next parliament cannot be overlooked. Whether focusing on decarbonising large estates or delivering innovative buildings that benefit its occupants, facilities management needs to be recognised as a pivotal industry deserving of significant focus.”