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Are you thinking about exporting in 2024 – Lyn Pitt, MD of DT&G Limited shares some of her wealth of experience on the rewards of exporting

What advice would you give to companies thinking about exporting?

DT&G have been exporting for over 60 years. We do not focus on any one area; in recent months for example, equipment we have built here in Merseyside has gone to Australia, Canada, Hungary, Japan, Argentina and we have a project going to Dubai shortly. If overseas customers are going to have the confidence to buy from you, the significance of connecting with the end users is very important. You will learn so much and be able to grow your brand by joining Trade Missions and attending Exhibitions and Seminars within your sector. I would recommend taking small steps while you learn about the opportunities and connect with the right people.

Listen to people already involved in that sector and learn how to best approach potential customers . You will be very lucky if you come away with a sale first time and I would recommend visiting your client at least 3 times before a contract is signed, this way you will fully understand what is needed, and what standards and regulations you have to meet, along with the best logistical solutions. A relationship based on honesty and transparency is key to enable all parties to share a successful outcome. Mentors and guides will help enormously in propelling your business forward. It can help not only to increase your profitability but also by giving you and your employees the opportunity to enjoy the wider benefits, for example seeing how successfully other economies are developing, and how the benefits of a global economy can bring about social change.

The decision to export shouldn’t be seen as an overnight quick fix, but it has the potential to help not only your business to grow but also to support wider economic growth in the region.

How important is it to work with partners?

I have a perfect case study to demonstrate this. We needed to negotiate a contract with an Argentinian company to ensure the correct equipment for their process was delivered.

With the support of our local Chamber and the British and Colombian Chamber, we were able to ask the right questions to really understand the local needs, negotiate the terms and fulfill the import requirements – which were challenging! I do not think we could have achieved the sale without this support. Things went so well that the company made a further order within two months. Not only were the Chambers really helpful but I also believe the International customers have greater confidence in any company when they are supported by this internationally recognised organisation. A great reason to get involved in Liverpool Chamber’s International Trade Club

How is ESG impacting on your business?

The confectionery industry is very aware of the challenges of sustainability and ethical and social development. As members of the relevant governing bodies it is crucial to the future of the chocolate industry that global collaboration across industries, academia and civil society is ongoing. To help DT&G Limited understand its current impact, we undertook a project with Liverpool University, which I can highly recommend. Our Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory Report gave us a baseline to understand where we are and how we can achieve greater success in reducing our impact on the planet, and also that of our clients, by ensuring efficiencies and the sustainability of the equipment we use. We continue to monitor our impact and take on board new strategies that will positively impact on everyone engaged with our Finn Brand.

Now is definitely the time to take a pro-active approach and partner with trading countries to enjoy not only financial but also cultural growth.