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Rutherford Health Plc

Rutherford Health is a network of independent cancer centres at the vanguard of advancing cancer care in the UK and internationally. It is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of high energy proton beam therapy, a type of precision radiotherapy that targets cancer in a highly targeted way that significantly minimises side effects.

“We believe our role as Patron will help us support the business community in Liverpool.”

Mike Moran – Chief Executive Officer – Rutherford Health Plc

The Rutherford network was named after the renowned scientist Ernest Rutherford, whose contribution to science led to the identification and naming of the proton in 1920.

The Rutherford network is now made of three fully operational centres providing proton beam therapy with a fourth centre to come online with the treatment next year.

Mike Moran, CEO of Rutherford Health said: “We at Rutherford Health, and alongside Liverpool Chamber, are committed to increasing our contribution to the region and specifically in the oncology sector helping to provide cancer patients with the treatment services they need in a timely manner. This is particularly significant now in light of the national cancer backlog which is a major health emergency.

“A key focus for us is ensuring that cancer patients are given the priority they deserve after more than a year of pandemic restrictions which have severely affected cancer care services and we believe our role as Patron will help us support the business community in Liverpool, as well as communicate with Liverpool Chamber members.