We’ve compiled three Guides to help businesses understand the changes to Rules of Origin, Tariffs and Custom Declarations in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. The British Chambers of Commerce do not want to see a messy exit from the EU, but believe businesses should prepare for all scenarios. The Guides help you learn what these changes are, how they apply to you and what might be different. If you have specific questions then we can help - please get in touch with us here



Get your step by step guides to:


Customs Declarations

How UK businesses will need to change the way they import and export goods in the event of leaving the EU Single Market.

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Certificates of Origin

Where are your products from? Sounds simple but can be very complicated. Learn how this is determined and what will change.

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A No-Deal Brexit means a new set of tariffs and commodity codes could apply to UK imports and exports. Find out here.

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