Trade Help Desk

This is a Chamber initiative that can be accessed by members in the “Membership Plus” category, designed to provide support and assistance to companies requiring extra reassurance when dealing with international trade procedures.

We work in conjunction with partners to assist you with enquiries that can be dealt with in under 10 minutes, for example:

  • Shipping requirements for a given country
  • Understanding when Long Term Supplier Declarations are required and the makeup of these documents
  • Questions regarding CPC codes
  • Confirmation of requirements for Proof of Export and Proof of Delivery
  • Questions regarding risk and when this passes specific to an Incoterm
  • Assistance with establishing the correct commodity code for a product
  • Duty payment calculations
  • GSP queries and bringing goods in from India
  • How to set up a Documentary Collection
  • Why a customer has been charged storage charges


How does it work?

Email with your query, we will aim to give you an answer within 24 hours.

More complex problems will not be included in this service but we will recommend appropriate training or consultancy.


Please note that we also provide full management of the process of Letters of Credit and you can contract this service independently.

All Trader enquiries to be sent to