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ESG Service Solution

We’re launching a dedicated ESG service solution in partnership with RSM UK and are pleased to offer members a free HR health check followed by a written email report to help start their HR agenda.

There’s growing evidence that a “compelling” ESG story can increase the value of a business by 10% -20% and a strong ESG programme can help to identify new opportunities whilst creating value for your business.

Taking a proactive approach on ESG, provides your organisation with enhanced brand perception, leading in the marketplace whilst recruiting and retaining the best staff, alongside a range of opportunities.

We’re delighted to have collaborated with RSM UK to provide suite of products to support your ESG strategy, starting with an ESG Self – assessment and Development Pack through to bespoke consultancy services and programmes.

To find out more about how RSM UK can help you with ESG, and how to access the support, see below or click here.

Value Creation

Reducing costs, driving innovation, identifying inefficiencies

Maximising compliance opportunities

Increasing employee engagement and productivity

Enhancing cash flows and enabling top-line growth

Optimising investment opportunity and capital expenditures

Access to preferential “green” and “sustainability” loans

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Value Protection

Maintaining or protecting value

Minimising regulatory and legal interventions

Managing and mitigating risks

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