Liverpool Chamber ATA Carnet Program Far Exceeds Expectation

Fri, February 10th, 2017

ATA Carnet services offered by the Liverpool Chamber has seen explosive growth.

Explosive growth is one way to describe the expansion of ATA Carnet services offered by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC). Prior to March 1st 2015, the LCC processed and issued 30 to 40 ATA Carnets annually for a small group of regular export documentation customers. In the past 21 months they have delivered 1,625+ ATA Carnets to dozens of companies across the U.K. LCC has issued an average of 78 carnets a month using an advanced system provided by their technology partner, boomerang carnets LTD. Further highlighting LCC success, by utilizing technology to expand international services, head count in the export documentation division has remained stable.

The enviable growth in carnet issuing can be attributed to a potent cocktail of efficiency, customer service and cost. The boomerang carnets’ technology allows applicants to do 100% of their application, carnet and guarantee, online, from anywhere. The only paper to cross hands is the final, printed ATA Carnet document which can be delivered electronically in London, Liverpool or Crewe. As a matter of practice, the LCC delivers an ATA Carnet within 24 business hours of receiving a completed online application which assists many customers including film and video production companies to manage tight deadlines. Finally, the carnet and guarantee costs are competitive and membership in the Chamber is not required to get access to the best rates.

Expanded and enhanced international services are the brainchild of Andy Snell, Head of International Trade & Commercial Services who joined the LCC in late 2013. He is also responsible for the headline events “Meet Your Global Chamber” at the 2014 and 2016 International Festival of Business. Snell carefully considered a proposal from boomerang carnets LTD in September of 2014. Quickly appreciating the merits, he worked tirelessly to put together the new ATA Carnet program along with Export Documentation Manager, Sarah Woolley, a Chamber veteran. By March 1st, 2015, a pilot program was launched. The 6-month pilot proved the viability of the electronic ATA Carnet service and resulted in the substantial growth.

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