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3rd Nov 2021 / 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Understanding Commodity Codes and INCOTERMS20

Come to our office where you will be directed to the training room. This course may need to be delivered online tbc.

£230 (Members)
£280 (Non-members)

By: Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Commodity Codes identify the goods being moved and they also provide guidance on relevant legal, trade agreement, tax and safety information. Using the wrong code will lead to delays and fines.

This course is designed for anyone in the organisation who might be called upon to contribute to a correct description of goods traded internationally for both export or import declarations. This can range from complete beginners to experienced operators who feel the need to refresh their knowledge.

It is also suitable for management staff whose role requires supervision or checking of sensitive Customs declarations.


What will I learn?

The course is ‘hands-on’ and includes:

  • The layout of the Customs ‘Tariff’
  • How Commodity Codes are organised
  • Penalties for incorrect declarations
  • Practical exercises for a wide range of products

The second half of the day will cover INCOTERMS2020 with different implications to cost, risk and obligations of both parties. If you need an update with the newest version this is the ideal opportunity to understand them and their implications. There will be opportunities to ask questions to the tutor during the day.